Our competent and experienced pest controllers carry out treatment to both business and residential properties. We run a treatment service 24 hours a day* and will be at your door within 30-90 minutes* for you. Alternatively, you are welcome to book non-emergency work with us at a time of your preference. Here is a little more about the pest services we provide.


Two unexpected and unwelcome visitors native to the spring and summer months are Bee or Wasp swarms. We advise patience and caution in such scenarios as the vast majority of swarms are purely investigating and will move on under their own accord within a relatively short period of time. If however they do decide to settle in your property then we are on hand to foil their plans. Our pest controllers use a myriad of pest control treatment items and abundant amounts to use for their required purpose. The pest controllers attend, locate the nest and treat however the situation requires. When the situation permits, the agent is directly dispersed into the nest for maximum effect. If this is not possible the vicinity of the nest is sprayed and via diffusion and transmission it permeates the nest resulting in total collapse within a few days. We are allowed to treat Wasps and Masonry Bees through this method. Honey and Bumble Bees are classified as protected species. As we do not like to disappoint our customers we have Bee Keepers amongst our ranks that assist by removing the nests without killing or harming the inhabitants.

Depending on the industry of your business you may have a legal obligation to ensure your business is protected from pests. We are here to fulfil such a requirement through our Pest Contract service. What we can provide you is an annual contract (with supporting documentation) for a set number of visits throughout the year. So if your food or restaurant business is in need of coverage then feel free to contact us.

Cockroaches, Fleas and Bed Bugs are arguably the most notorious of pests due to their resilience and resistance to treatment. All three are extremely difficult to treat and that is where we come in. Our pest controllers are licensed to use advanced treating products optimised for the task of eradication. Careful investigation determines the infestation hot zones which are subject to treatment. Sticky gel bait is used for Cockroaches, a product developed to be attractive but lethal to the pest. Intensive and extensive insecticide spray of the areas neutralises Fleas and Bed Bug incursion. These three treatment methods carry the additional benefit of leaving little to no residue in the property.

When you suspect a rodent infestation in the property, just give us a call. We have a lot of experience in treating Mice, Rats or Squirrels. Rodents have a need to continuously gnaw on objects and if left unchecked can result in property damage. If you hear scratching or scurrying noises inside the wall and you have found droppings then it’s time to call us in. After locating the hot spots for rodent activity in the property we will implement the bait boxes and poisons as required. The service we provide usually involves two visits where the aforementioned treatment is carried out on the first visit whilst retrieval of the poisons is carried out usually about a week later.

If Flies, Moths or Ants have become a problem we can treat these for you via toxic powders or insecticide sprays. The powders kill en masse upon ingestion and take effect rapidly. The sprays (depending on the nature of the pest) will kill on contact and should be without residue.

If your property has been targeted for a Bird invasion we can step in to assist. We can provide you the following services: treatment (if the bird species is not protected) and deterrent work to the property in the form of netting or spikes. Spikes are applied to window sills, roofs and other surfaces where Birds may choose to land or congregate to prevent them from landing there whilst netting is applied to areas including holes in the property to stop Birds finding their way inside. Trusting our experience, we are sure we can provide a cost-effective and efficient service for you. We can either provide a quote over the phone or at your property.

Moles can be a major nuisance as their tunnelling under a garden or lawn damages both the appearance and its integrity. Wishing to be of service we provide an effective Mole treatment service which utilises traps. These are inserted into the holes and are activated upon the intrigued Mole’s investigation. Through their continued use we strive to eliminate the problem swiftly to a high standard.

Striving to be helpful we follow the motto “no job is too small.” Whilst some companies would not assist in this area we wish to be different. Dead animals are a problem we can take off your hands and dispose of accordingly. Advise us on the nature of the problem and we shall remove the problem without fuss.

We will gladly provide free written estimates and quotes for our work. Our work is also approved for insurance purposes. Our staff will advise you of our prices and if you are happy with our rates a suitable time or date for our attendance will be arranged. We aim to provide a 30-90* response time for all our pest work.

Our Services Include

•Contract work for homes or businesses.
•Treatment of Cockroaches, Fleas and Bed Bugs.
•Treatment of Mice, Rats and Squirrels.
•Bee and Wasp nest removal.
•Bird deterrent work.
•Dead animal removal.
•Treatment of Flies, Ants, Moths and other insects.
•Mole treatment